sometimes unfortunate events need to happen just for you to realize you’ve been with the wrong person the whole time

if only words can be too powerful na kapag sinabi kong makakamove on ako ay bukas na bukas din magiging okay na ako.

so i decided to start my singing career here. walakong pakealam kung akoi sintunado basta pers lab kong kumanta. hahahahaa. 


i woke up sooooooo lonely. so disappointed to the fact that i still keep on dreaming of him. i mean how could i move on?! but i have already made up my mind. even so these dreams give me hopes that maybe someday we’ll be back together again, i wont be affected anymore. i want to help myself. i want to stop hurting. & the only way is to ACCEPT everything that’s happening to me right now. i dont wana push these feelings anymore kos i know its wrong. i want to be happy but not in a selfish way. i just hope i get to accept everything sooner.

DAY 6 (25december13)

the first word that came into my mind when i woke up. i did not receive any text or messages from him yesterday. he didnt even remember me on christmas day. im so pathetic. expecting him to remember me when i know he’s already happy with someone else. damn. i know acceptance is the only way out to this prison of pain & agony. im working on it. i guess. i hope. i mean its the best way to move on. STOP HOPING! that’s what i always tell myself but my mind & heart still betrays me. it still finds even the smallest hope i can have. but no. i need to stop this foolishness of mine & start to let go.